In Due Time | Meet Caroline
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Meet Caroline

About Caroline

Welcome to In Due Time! I am Caroline and I am so glad you are here. While your story might be much different than mine, I hope as you read and follow along, you are encouraged and inspired to seek joy in the trials as well as trust God in the waiting.


A little about me? I grew up in Oklahoma, moved to Dallas during high school and attended Baylor University where I graduated with my degree in Finance and Marketing. After graduation, I moved to Dallas, TX and began my job as a financial analyst {I am still at the same company, 10 years later}. I met my husband Colby in 2009 at church and we got married in 2011. When we aren’t working, you can find us traveling the world, working out or spending time with friends and family.


This blog was started in 2012 when doctors told us that it would be impossible for us to have children naturally. The Lord told me to start writing and four years later here we are! I have a passion of bringing hope and encouragement to those who are waiting. That passion turned into me writing and publishing my first book, In Due Time: Hope and Encouragement in the Waiting.


Colby and I are still praying and believing for a miracle to become parents and are taking the path less traveled as we wait on the Lord instead of pursuing other options.


I also lead a ministry, Moms in the Making, for those who are going through infertility. This takes place both locally in Dallas as well as online too.